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Cytoflow5 is a patented immune modulation therapy that combines the well-established blood separation treatment called apheresis with the catalytic power of an immobilized enzyme that deactivates the complement protein C5a. 

C5a is a key immune mediator considered to be the master switch that unleashes the highly destructive cytokine storm in sepsis patients.  Studies have shown that higher levels of C5a in patient plasma is associated with decreased survival rates and poorer outcomes for sepsis survivors.

At the heart of Cala Medical’s Cytoflow5 technology is the enzyme ScpA.  ScpA is an extremely specific enzyme that efficiently inactivates C5a, while leaving other complement components intact.  The Cytoflow5 cartridge contains beads of material harboring irreversibly bound ScpA.

of sepsis cases originate in the community
of all deaths in hospitals are due to sepsis
of patients with severe sepsis do not survive
of sepsis deaths could be prevented with early diagnosis and treatment

How it works

During treatment, the patients’ blood is separated into plasma and cellular components by an apheresis circuit. Therapy consists of passing patient plasma through the Cytoflow5 cartridge reducing levels of active C5a.  The treated plasma is then recombined with the cellular fraction and returned to the patient.


  • Simple to use and fast-acting
  • Capable of reducing C5a levels measured in sepsis patients back to baseline
  • Broad spectrum, pathogen non-specific
  • Target specific – Only acts on a single immune modulator
  • ‘Add on’ extracorporeal sepsis therapy
  • Operational parameters and connectors compatible with existing centrifuge and cartridge-based apheresis units

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